Use me Mr. Computer.

3 12 2008

In this essay John Maeda asks if “we are using computers, or if the computers are using us.” When I think about this statement I don’t think it would be very fair for me to pick one side. I think it works both ways. As a computer user we are doing exactly what it sounds like, using the computer, we are telling it what to do, and from telling it what to do we get most of the time exactly what we want. However, it’s interesting to think that when a computer doesn’t perform the way we want to it is using us, for example writing an essay and having your computer freeze, forcing you to lose an hour or so worth of worth, or clicking around programs too fast, trying to make the computer perform faster than it’s worth, allowing you to get a nice blue screen or error message telling you that the computer is mad at you resulting in the computer owning you for wanting it  to do more than what it’s capable of. I also agree that at times its hard for people to be either creative and scientific, but with advancing technology with computers it’s easy to see that with time and new programs the bridge between this gap can be slowly closed, and people in general can become more creative, and more scientific at the same time.




24 11 2008

I would have to agree that technology mediates attention. It is a lot easier to focus on multiple things when using technological advices such as a computer and more specifically the Internet. With hard cover books you may only be able to focus on one book, even if you have other books in front of you, with having multiple web pages open in a browser, I think the ease of gaining information is greater. As humans, we are constantly thinking in our brains about multiple things, and with one click of the tab on the browser to go to one of the ten sites you have open makes it a little easier then to have to pick up ten books and physically scan the pages to gain the same information. A good example would be writing an email compared to writing a letter. With an email, if at the last moment you decide you wanted to send a copy to another friend or relative, you can easily add their email account to the “send to” section of the email. With a letter however, there is only one destination, and your attention must be focused on only that one person your sending the email to. In general, technology is taking over more traditional routines.


15 minutes

19 11 2008

So Andy Warhol said that each of us gets 15 minutes of fame and some point in our lives. I think first we have to decide what fame really is. Are we talking about the fame of television and celebrity status, or are we talking about fame within a persons life’s accomplishments. If I were to ask if I have ever had 15 minutes of fame I would probably have to say maybe. Who knows, I have succeeded and some events and tasks in my life and for others I have failed miserably. It’s a give and take. !5 minutes of fame depends on how much someone wants to be famous. For example, maybe someone is a hypochondriac and they never want to leave there room because they are afraid of the world outside, thus, making them a hermit crab, not wanting fame, or anything to do with being “famous”. If you want to be famous in your own eyes then go for it, that’s way better than trying to be famous for other people, and constantly trying to impress others because you want a four letter word above your head. Who cares, Andy Warhol can take his statement to Los Angeles and see what people in Hollywood have to say about it. I don’t want you to think that I am anti-fame. I personally just think that people should work hard in their own lives to accomplish what they believe in, if that makes them famous, or gives them 15 minutes of fame, congratulations, if not then so be it, at least you did something that YOU wanted to do, whether it be a famous accomplishment or not, in your eyes your accomplishment brings you celebrity status.


T I ——–> ME

17 11 2008

I think the reason why humans focus so much on time is because we realise that we don’t have much of it. In the artice “One, two, three, Faux: The Myth of Real Time” there is a discussion about what is real time and what it means to us. I personally think that it is much harder to design for print than for web in the sense that with print, the design must be intriguing enough to keep the viewer interested in that printed design, and not too boring that they want to leave the work. It seems that with web work and time, it is a common element to add flash or something that is interactive in order to keep the web site users interested in that site. For example, this designers site is very interactive: As another example, the article uses a calander and how all the days look the same, and the months as well. If we were to go online to look at some website calanders, we would most likely see some interactive elements that make a normal print calander seem useless and boring. A good example of using time on the web would also be something like google calander, or yahoo calander.

Favorite Tool

12 11 2008

My favorite tool would have the be the sharpie pen. I think a sharpie is very useful in many different ways. Not only can you write information down, (obviously) but the feel and texture of a sharpie pen feels a little bit more clean. I like everything about a sharpie, look, feel, the way it writes on paper, walls, cardboard, skin, anything. When writing with a sharpie you better be serious, its a permanent marker. A few years ago Terell Owens former San Francisco 49er’s football player scored a touchdown and then continued to pull out a sharpie marker from his sock, and sign the football he was holding and toss it to a fan in the crowed. Not only did Owens complete a free promo for sharpie, he also got fined from the NFL. Long Story short, I think sharpies are a good all purpose tool.

Tumblr Tumblr

5 11 2008

I did my tumblr posts on the Compact Disc.

Post Racial

5 11 2008

Due to the outcome of the election in the United States of America, I believe that Barack Obama has proven that america in general is a post racial society. Although there are still many Americans who do not support a president of color, I believe this is a milestone for a post racial society in general. Many in the past could have never thought of seeing such a president but now many dreams have come true after the polls had spoken. Being so young myself, and seeing such a historic event makes me wonder what new “post – ” america wll be contributing to next. In my eyes, in the future America could be post anti-feminism, for example, we may see the first woman as president in the years to follow. In any case we cannot predict the future of America, but its fun to think about what “post-” America will be contributing to next, hopefully setting good examples for the rest of the world.